Ch – 1 Super Senses

• Animals can also see, hear, feel, taste and smell like human beings.
• Ants recognize each other by smell.
• Ants always move in straight line.
• When ants move, they leave a smell on the ground.
• A male silkworm finds its female counterpart by smell.
• Mosquitoes find human beings by smell and heat of their body.
• Dogs mark their own area by urine or potty.
• Most birds have eyes on either side of their heads, so that they can focus on two different directions simultaneously.

• Birds’ eyes are fixed and they can’t move, so they have to turn their heads in order to view their surroundings.
• Birds like vulture, eagle, kite etc. can see four times as far as we can see.
• The animals that are awake at day can see some colours, while the animals that are awake at night can see only in black and white.
• Birds’ have holes for ears and are usually hidden with feathers.
• Snakes hear by feeling the vibrations on the ground, as they don’t have external ears.

• Langurs make warning calls to each other to warn dangers of lion, tiger etc.
• Birds also give alarm calls to warn others.
• Fishes send alarm calls through electric signals.
• Dolphins make different sounds to send messages to each other.
• The Sloth spend 17 hours a day sleeping and eats the leaves of the same tree where it lives.
• Sloths live about for 40 years.
• A cow sleeps for 4 hours a day.

• A python sleeps for 18 hours a day.
• A giraffe sleeps for 2 hours a day.
• A cat sleeps for 12 hours a day.
• The ears of a tiger move in all directions and can detect even the slightest sound.
• A tiger can see six times better at night.
• The tiger’s whiskers are very sensitive and can help to detect the movements of its prey.
• The tiger’s roar can be heard upto 3 kilometers.
• The tiger marks its own area with its urine.
• Many animals are endangered as they are killed for their body parts, for example : elephants are killed for their tusks, snakes for their skins, musk deer for making perfumes etc.
• Government had made National Parks and Sanctuaries for protecting animals.

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