Ch – A Snake Charmer’s Story

  • Saperas are those people who catch snakes.
  • They keep the snakes in bamboo baskets.
  • They also make medicines from plants collected from forests.
  • They also cure snake bites.
  • They can tell which snake had bitten by looking at the snake bite marks.
  • The poisonous teeth of snakes are known as ‘fangs’.
  • Saperas play been to make snakes sway and entertain onlookers.
  • One community of saperas is known as ‘Kalbeliyas’.
  • They even gift snakes when their daughters get married.
  • Some of the musical instruments used by them are dhol, been, tumba and khanjiri.
  • Been, tumba and khanjiri are made from dried gourd.
  • The elder ones of this community share their knowledge about snakes to the younger generation.
  • Snake is also considered as farmer’s friend as it eats rats in the fields.
  • Some people kill snakes and sell their skin for money, that’s why government have banned people from capturing animals and keeping them.
  • There are only four poisonous snakes in our country namely Cobra, Common Krait, Russel’s Viper and Saw-scaled Viper.
  • The poison of snake bite enters into a person’s body through fangs,
  • The medicine to cure snake bite, is made from poison of snake.
  • The other people who depend on animals for their livelihood are milkman, shepherd, etc.

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