Ch – 1 Food: Where Does It Come From?

  • The material needed to prepare food is known as ‘Ingredient’.
  • Food comes from either plant or animal source.
  • Food items like rice, soya bean, potato, sunflower oil, etc. come from plant source.
  • Food items like cheese, paneer, butter, eggs, etc. come from animal source.
  • The parts of plant which are eatable are known as ‘edible parts’.
  • For eg: flowers and fruits of a banana plant are edible.
  • The white structure coming out of pulses, when you soak them in water overnight, is known as ‘sprout’.
  • Sprouted seeds are rich in proteins.
  • The sweet juice, collected by honeybees, from the flowers is known as ‘nectar’.
  • The animals which eat only plants are known as ‘herbivores’. Eg: Goat, Deer.
  • The animals which eat flesh of other animals are known as ‘carnivores’. Eg: Lion, Tiger.
  • The animals which eat both plants and other animals are known as ‘omnivores’. Eg: Bear, Crow.
  • Human Beings are omnivores.

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