Q.1: Change into percentage:

a) 4/5 b) 0.12 c) 2.5 d) 3/20

Q.2: Convert percentages to decimals and also to fractions of lowest forms:

a) 25 % b) 18% c) 125% d) 360%

Q.3: Find the value of:

a) 15% of 300 b) 29% of 1400 c) 18% of 3 kg d) 55% of Rs. 2000

Q.4: Find the whole quantity if:

a) 4% of it is 40 b) 23% of it is 690 c) 80% of it is 400 d) 33% of it is 990

Q.5: In an election, 75% voted for Party A, 22% voted for Party B and remaining voted for NOTA. Find the percentage of voters who voted NOTA ?

Q.6: Out of 1200 students, only 12% got scholarship. Find the percentage of students who didn’t get scholarship.

Q.7: In a city, 55% of people were married. Find the number of people who were unmarried, if the total population of the city was 80,000.

Q.8: Neha saves Rs. 600 monthly, which is roughly 40% of her total pocket money. Find her total pocket money ?

Q.9: Smita spends 25% of a day meditating. Find the number of hours she meditates in a day.

Q.10: 80% of which number is 20 ?

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