Ch – 4 Agriculture

Q: Neha uses only organic manure and pesticides in her farm. Which farming is she following ?

a) Commercial farming

b) Organic farming

c) Mixed farming

Q: Which of these is NOT a tertiary activity ?

a) banking

b) transport

c) bread baking

Q: _____ of India’s population is still dependent on agriculture.

a) two-third

b) one-third

c) half

Q: Which of these operations are involved in farming ?

a) weeding, sowing, harvesting

b) ploughing, sowing, selling

c) irrigation, selling, harvesting

Q: Major plantations are found in the _____ regions of the world.

a) tropical

b) temperate

c) polar

Q: _____ is the major food crop of the world.

a) wheat

b) maize

c) rice

Q: This food crop requires moderate temperature, rainfall and lots of sunshine. It needs well-drained fertile soil. Which food crop is it ?

a) rice

b) millets

c) maize

Q: Cotton requires _____ frost-free days.

a) 210

b) 110

c) 200

Q: _____ is the leading producer of coffee.

a) columbia

b) brazil

c) India

Q: Developing countries with large populations usually practise _____ agriculture.

a) commercial

b) intensive

c) mixed

Q: Which of these are the characteristics of a farm situated in developed countries ?

i. Testing soil samples time to time

ii. Use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides

iii. use of automated grain storage facilities

a) only i and ii

b) only ii and iii

c) i,ii and iii

Q: Nomadic herding is practiced in which state of India ?

a) Maharashtra

b) Kerala

c) Rajasthan

Q: The other name of shifting cultivation is _____.

a) commercial agriculture

b) nomadic herding

c) slash and burn agriculture

Q: Read the following features and identify the type of agriculture ?

Use of small plot

Use of simple agricultural tools

Use of more labour

a) Intensive subsistence farming

b) shifting cultivation

c) plantation

Q: Growing vegetables, fruits and flowers for commercial use is known as _____.

a) pisciculture

b) horticulture

c) sericulture

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