Ch – 8 A Treat For Mosquitoes

  • Malaria means ‘bad air’.
  • Malaria is caused by disease carrying female Anopheles mosquitoes ( brownish with spotted wings ).
  • Malaria can be detected by conducting blood test.
  • Microscope makes things look thousand times bigger.
  • The dried and powdered bark of Cinchona tree is used to make medicine for malaria.
  • Earlier people used to boil the bark powder and strain the water which was given to patients, and now it is available in the form of tablets.
  • The malarial mosquitoes breed in stagnant dirty water.
  • The baby mosquitoes are known as ‘larvae’.
  • Larvae look like tiny grey thread like things in water.
  • To stop the malarial mosquitoes breeding, we must follow certain steps:
    • Don’t let water collect around your home. Fill up the pits.
    • Keep the water pots, coolers and tanks clean. They should be dried every week.
    • Use mosquito nets to protect yourself.
    • Spray kerosene if water has collected at some place.
  • Mosquitoes also cause diseases like dengue and chikungunya.
  • House flies also spread germs and causes diseases like cholera, diarrhoea, dysentery, etc.
  • Malaria is mainly found in areas where it rains a lot or in swampy places.
  • Ronald Ross discovered that mosquitoes spread malaria and got the Nobel Prize for medicine in December 1902.
  • The lack of haemoglobin or iron in the blood causes Anaemia.
  • Jaggery, amla and green leafy vegetables are some sources of iron.
  • Anaemia affects both physical and mental health. Due to this, children do not grow well and their energy levels remain low. And it also affects their ability to study.
  • Iron tablets are distributed among students in schools.
  • Normal range of haemoglobin is 12 to 16 gm/dl.

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