Unit 3: My Shadow & Robinson Crusoe

Q.1: According to the poem, _____ is very much like the poet.

a) His brother

b) His shadow

c) His daughter

Q.2: Sometimes the shadow shoots up taller like an ______ rubber ball.

a) Indian

b) Asian

c) European

Q.3: What is the meaning of “arrant” ?

a) good

b) beautiful

c) bad

Q.4: Who is the poet of the poem ” My Shadow” ?

a) Nick Neel

b) Robert Louis Stevenson

c) Stevenson Armstrong

Q.5: Who had destroyed Robinson Crusoe’s ship?

a) savages

b) pirates

c) sea

Q.6: What did Crusoe discover on the sand ?

a) footprint

b) handprint

c) fingerprint

Q.7: What did Crusoe call his cave ?

a) castle

b) mansion

c) apartment

Q.8: A large continuous extent of land is known as _____.

a) island

b) peninsula

c) mainland

Q.9: Where did the savages live ?

a) mainland

b) iceland

c) greenland

Q.10: Which of these was the reaction of Crusoe on seeing the footprint ?

a) He went home and slept peacefully.

b) He was happy to see it

c) He was frightened

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