Unit 4 – Crying & My Elder Brother

Q.1: You must cry until your _____ is soaked.

a) bed

b) pillow

c) handkerchief

Q.2: _____ was hiding in the last tear.

a) happiness

b) pain

c) carelessness

Q.3: The poet says that you should open _____ after crying.

a) door

b) fridge

c) window

Q.4: “My Elder Brother” is a story by ______.

a) Munshi Raichand

b) Munshi Premchand

c) Munshi Karamchand

Q.5: The brothers were staying at a _____.

a) hotel

b) hostel

c) lodge

Q.6: The name of the younger brother was _____.

a) Sonu

b) Munna

c) Rocky

Q.7: Bhaiya was _____ years older than Munna.

a) two

b) four

c) five

Q.8: How many times did Bhaiya write the same word ?

a) ten

b) twenty

c) thirty

Q.9: According to Bhaiya, studying _____ is no child’s play.

a) English

b) Hindi

c) Maths

Q.10: Which of these sentences is false ?

a) Bhaiya likes to visit mela.

b) Munna likes to fly kites

c) Bhaiya likes to read books.

Q.11: Who made a time table for Munna ?

a) Bhaiya

b) Munshi Premchand

c) Robinson Crusoe

Q.12: The hurry and flurry of which game, pulls Munna like a magnet ?

a) kabaddi

b) volleyball

c) gulidanda

Q.13: Who has more experience than Bhaiya and Munna ?

a) Baba

b) Dada

c) Mama

Q.14: Who failed in the final exams ?

a) Bhaiya

b) Munna

c) Both

Q.15: What was the age of the elder brother ?

a) 15 years

b) 14 years

c) 10 years

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