Unit 10 – Malu Bhalu & Who Will Be Ningthou ?

Q.1: Malu lived in a _____.

a) igloo

b) cave

c) lair

Q.2: Why did Malu want to go far out to play ?

a) To play with her friend

b) To see the things that lie there

c) None of the above

Q.3: Who clasped Malu tightly within her arms ?

a) her aunt

b) her sister

c) her mother

Q.4: According to her mother, Malu was _____ and _____.

a) brave and special

b) funny and reckless

c) strong and playful

Q.5: Ningthou and Leima never stopped thinking about their _____.

a) pets

b) money

c) meeyam

Q.6: Kangleipak was situated in ______.

a) Mizoram

b) Manipur

c) Tripura

Q.7: _____ was a lovely child, soft and beautiful inside.

a) Sanatombi

b) Sanajaoba

c) Sanatomba

Q.8: A _____ is one who doesn’t hurt anybody in the kingdom.

a) Ningthou

b) Tunggi Ningthou

c) Leima

Q.9: _____ was arranged to decide who will become the future king.

a) contest

b) party

c) election

Q.10: The _____ is called Tunggi Ningthou in Manipuri.

a) Future King

b) Future Queen

c) Prime Minister

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