Unit 5 – The Lazy Frog & Rip Van Winkle

Q.1: Where does the frog loll all day long ?

a) tree

b) beach

c) log

Q.2: Who calls the frog in vain ?

a) His mother

b) His sister

c) His wife

Q.3: What was the frog’s reaction when a lady frog passed by ?

a) He offered her help

b) He bowed his head

c) He didn’t even open up one eye

Q.4: What is the name of the lazy frog ?

a) Sam

b) Fred

c) Andrew

Q.5: After how many years did Rip wake up ?

a) ten years

b) fifteen years

c) twenty years

Q.6: Rip lived in a village at the footsteps of the _____ mountains.

a) Kaatskill

b) Everest

c) Kilimanjaro

Q.7: The odd looking men were playing _____.

a) carrom

b) ludo

c) ninepins

Q.8: Who finally recognized Rip Van Winkle ?

a) an old woman

b) an old man

c) a stranger

Q.9: What was the name of Rip’s dog ?

a) Dog

b) Wolf

c) Cow

Q.10: Which of these following statements is true about Rip ?

a) He was a lazy fellow

b) Everyone in village disliked him.

c) He never helped anyone.

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In the midst of winter, i found there was within me an invincible summer ~ Albert Camus

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