Unit 6 – Class Discussion & The Talkative Barber

Q.1: Who stayed quiet during the class discussion ?

a) Jane

b) Julie

c) Jamie

Q.2: Who is the poet of the poem ” Class Discussion “?

a) German Phinn

b) Gervase Phinn

c) Gordon Phinn

Q.3: A sweet dish served after meal is known as _____.

a) dessert

b) supper

c) starter

Q.4: How many friends were coming over to Barber’s house ?

a) two or three

b) four or five

c) nine or ten

Q.5: What was the name of the city ?

a) Shahriar

b) Cashgar

c) Kaatskill

Q.6: According to the barber, the sultan is doing him an injury by calling him a _____.

a) barber

b) quiet person

c) chatterer

Q.7: The barber has _____ brothers.

a) 5

b) 6

c) 10

Q.8: What did the barber want for dessert ?

a) fruits

b) cake

c) ice-cream

Q.9: The sultan had to go out at _____ to attend an affair of greatest importance.

a) night

b) morning

c) noon

Q.10: Where did the barber go after half-shaving the sultan’s head ?

a) to check time

b) to call his friends

c) to check gold pieces

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