Unit 7 – Topsy Turvy Land & Gulliver’s Travels

Q.1: In topsy turvy land, you pay for what you _____.

a) get

b) sell

c) never get

Q.2: The children go to school at _____ in topsy turvy land.

a) morning

b) noon

c) night

Q.3: The sea is made of _____ in topsy turvy land.

a) chocolate

b) sand

c) pearls

Q.4: When a person tells the story of his life in his own words, it is known as _____.

a) autobiography

b) biography

c) memoir

Q.5: Every step of the fence was _____ feet high.

a) two

b) six

c) ten

Q.6: The _____ took Gulliver to his house.

a) farmer

b) fisherman

c) shopkeeper

Q.7: Who grabbed Gulliver and was about to eat him ?

a) baby

b) cat

c) nurse

Q.8: When did Gulliver discover the land of giant people ?

a) June 16, 1730

b) August 15, 1880

c) May 11, 1730

Q.9: What did the farmer’s wife serve Gulliver for dinner ?

a) corn soup

b) vegetable thali

c) crumbled bread

Q.10: The farmer’s cat was ten times larger than an _____.

a) lion

b) ox

c) elephant

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