Unit 8 – Nobody’s Friend & The Little Bully

Q.1: Why is she nobody’s friend ?

a) Because she wouldn’t share her sweets.

b) Because she doesn’t like to be anybody’s friend.

c) Because she likes to stay alone.

Q.2: The boy didn’t lend his _____.

a) tricycle

b) motorcar

c) bike

Q.3: What lesson do we learn from the poem “Nobody’s Friend” ?

a) We should not lend our books.

b) We should share everything with others.

c) We should maintain social distance.

Q.4: Hari loved to _____ everyone.

a) slap

b) help

c) pinch

Q.5: Why didn’t the children pinch him back ?

a) Because they were afraid of him.

b) Because he would pinch them harder.

c) Because it was wrong.

Q.6: Where did the class go for picnic ?

a) seaside

b) park

c) theatre

Q.7: Who was pleased to meet a boy like Hari ?

a) His teacher

b) A boy

c) Crab

Q.8: Who ate Hari’s lunch ?

a) crabs

b) lobsters

c) both

Q.9: Who was walking sideways out of the pool ?

a) monster crab

b) frog

c) parrot

Q.10: Hari put out his hand to shake crab’s _____.

a) hand

b) claw

c) foot

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