Unit 9 – Sing A Song Of People & Around The World

Q.1: The poem “Sing a song of people” is about people of _____.

a) village

b) city

c) country

Q.2: _____ is situated underneath the ground.

a) subway

b) bus station

c) airport

Q.3: People in tall buildings and stores ride up and down in _____.

a) elevator

b) car

c) stairs

Q.4: Mr Phileas Fog lays a bet with his friends to go around the world in _____ days.

a) 70

b) 60

c) 80

Q.5: The train slowed down as a herd of _____ charged across the railway track.

a) cattle

b) cow

c) buffaloes

Q.6: Passepartout was a _____ passenger.

a) Indian

b) American

c) French

Q.7: As soon as the train passed _____ River, the bridge crashed down.

a) Medicine

b) Yamuna

c) Amazon

Q.8: Who attacked the train ?

a) Pirates

b) Animals

c) Sioux Indians

Q.9: Passepartout separated _____ from the coaches.

a) engine

b) passengers

c) animals

Q.10: Mr Phileas Fog was on a train from San Fransisco to _____.

a) Los Angeles

b) New England

c) New York

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