Future Continuous Tense Worksheet

Q.1: Fill in the blanks with Future Continuous Tense Worksheet:

  1. I _____ (watch) match tonight.
  2. This time next year, I _____ (live) in Kashmir.
  3. Sona _____ (complete) her assignment today.
  4. They _____ (attend) an important meeting next Friday.
  5. We _____ (sing) Christmas carols soon.
  6. At 8 pm, I _____ (have) dinner with my family.
  7. Her grandmother _____ (spend) time with her.
  8. The letter _____ (arrive) through post.
  9. New year sale _____ (start) early this year.
  10. Shweta _____ (bake) a cake this afternoon.
  11. Karan ____ (wait) at the station when his sister arrives.
  12. They _____ (start) a new venture.
  13. She _____ (study) in the library tonight.
  14. Her friends _____ (run) in the marathon.
  15. I _____ (see) her in school.
  16. The farmer _____ (plough) his field.
  17. You _____ (swim) in the pool.
  18. I _____ (launch) a new website.
  19. Rohan _____ (meet) his old friend today.
  20. The students _____ (learn) French.

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