Past Continuous Tense Worksheet

Q.1: Fill in the blanks with Past Continuous Tense:

  1. Birds _____ (fly) in the sky.
  2. The teacher _____ (teach) about respiration.
  3. They _____ (look) outside the window.
  4. The dogs _____ (howl) whole night.
  5. The dress-maker _____ (design) a bridal dress.
  6. He _____ (make) excuses to his boss.
  7. Dharma _____ (suffer) from a chronic disease.
  8. Tina and her friends _____ (organise) files.
  9. It _____ (rain) whole morning.
  10. Sita _____ (write) to her friend.
  11. Their ship _____ (sail).
  12. The business _____ (boom) last year.
  13. Buds _____ (bloom) into flowers.
  14. You _____ (tell) me about your childhood.
  15. I _____ (move) towards my home.
  16. The cat _____ (wag) its tail.
  17. Our friends _____ (arrange) a party for us.
  18. They _____ (sway) with the music.
  19. Insects _____ (crawl) all over the rock.
  20. I _____ (go) through important paper works yesterday.

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