Present Continuous Tense Worksheet

Q.1: Fill in the blanks with Present Continuous Tense Worksheet:

  1. He _____ (participate) in extra curricular activities.
  2. The patient ____ (take) medicines.
  3. She ____ (watch) television.
  4. David _____ (play) football.
  5. They _____ (go) to the college.
  6. My father _____ (sleep) now.
  7. The monkeys _____ (chatter) on the branches of the tree.
  8. The stars _____ (twinkle) in the night sky.
  9. Mona _____ (calculate) her profit share.
  10. Lekha and Surekha _____ (wait) for their bus.
  11. Mosquitoes _____ (breed) in the stagnant water.
  12. Tina _____ (save) money to buy a new car.
  13. We _____ (work) hard for our final exams.
  14. She _____ (preach) about humanity.
  15. The elections _____ (go) on in full swing.
  16. Thomas _____ (invent) a new machine.
  17. You _____ (worry) for no reason at all.
  18. I _____ (build) an empire.
  19. The chef _____ (chop) vegetables.
  20. The cat _____ (drag) a string.

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