Simple Future Tense Worksheet

Q.1: Fill in the blanks with Simple Future Tense:

  1. The gardener _____ (water) the plants.
  2. The woodcutter _____ (chop) the tree.
  3. We _____ (save) water by turning the tap off while brushing.
  4. He _____ (take) his medicines on time.
  5. Sneha _____ (remember) to complete her homework.
  6. They _____ (meet) at 4 o’clock.
  7. Mechanic _____ (fix) my car.
  8. The driver _____ (pick) you up at 8 o’clock.
  9. Birds _____ (sing) sweetly.
  10. Pollution _____ (increase), if we keep on releasing pollutants in the air.
  11. Soha _____ (join) cooking classes.
  12. We _____ (arrange) a Christmas party at office.
  13. I _____ (buy) a new dress for the party.
  14. She _____ (drink) water after doing yoga.
  15. The farmer _____ (harvest) his crop soon.
  16. Kiran _____ (start) a new life in Canada.
  17. Teddy _____ (pray) for his grandparents.
  18. The teacher _____ (teach) new topic tomorrow.
  19. She _____ (pay) the fine next week.
  20. They _____ (dance) whole night.

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