Ch – 12 Changing Times

  • Chetandas used to teach students.
  • When he was nine years old, he lived in Dera Gazikhan, Pakistan.
  • One day, his father told him that they had to leave their house and village.
  • He took a train to Delhi with his Baba, Amma, younger brothers and sisters.
  • Many people were moving as the country was divided into India and Pakistan.
  • For some time, they stayed in a camp and then moved to tents put up in huge ground.
  • One day, his father said that they had been given some land in Sohna village.
  • They planned to build their house there.
  • Baba dug soil and the children quickly filled the pans and passed it to their Amma.
  • Gudiya and Amma mixed husk into it and Baba put up the walls.
  • His mother also coated the floor with mixture made of cow dung and mud. It was to keep insects away.
  • For the roof, Baba made a frame by joining strips of wood and fixed it on the four walls.
  • They also put branches of neem and keekar trees on the frame to keep the termites away from the wood.
  • When Chetandas became a young man, he thought of adding a new room into the house.
  • The new room was built using iron and cement.
  • The walls were made of unbaked bricks. Unbaked bricks were easy to maintain as they have to be just whitewashed once in a year.
  • They also built a kitchen in the courtyard, with a mud chulha.
  • In those days, people used to go out to their fields for toilet.
  • When his son was about to get married, they again renovated the house.
  • This time, they used baked bricks for walls, lintel for roof and marble chips and cement for floor.
  • In toilet, they put pipes to take away the waste.
  • In kitchen, they replaced chulha with gas stove

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In the midst of winter, i found there was within me an invincible summer ~ Albert Camus

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