Ch – 7 Our Country – India

Q.1: ____ countries share their land boundaries with India.

a) 5

b) 6

c) 7

Q.2: The ______ is a piece of land surrounded by water from three sides.

a) island

b) delta

c) peninsula

Q.3: Sri Lanka is separated from India by _______ strait.

a) Palk

b) Berring

c) Strait of Malacca

Q.4: Himalaya means ‘___________’.

a) snow ground

b) big snow

c) abode of snow

Q.5: Which of these lies in the western part of India ?

a) Peninsular plateau

b) Himalayas

c) Great Indian Desert

Q.6: Himalayan mountains are divided into ____ parallel ranges.

a) 2

b) 3

c) 5

Q.7: ______ lies to the west of Western Ghats and the East of Eastern Ghats.

a) Coastal plains

b) Great Indian Desert

c) Lakshadweep

Q.8: Corals are skeletons of tiny marine creatures known as _______.

a) jelly fish

b) polyps

c) crabs

Q.9: ______ is a huge sea wave generated due to an earthquake on the sea floor.

a) Tsunami

b) Volcanic eruption

c) Landslides

Q.10: Lakshadweep islands are also known as ‘______’ islands.

a) marine

b) blue

c) coral

Q.11: ________ is the world’s largest delta.

a) Sunderban

b) Amazon

c) Godavari

Q.12: _______ is one of the oldest ranges of the world.

a) Aravali hills

b) Satpura

c) Vindhya

Q.13: ________ islands lie to the southeast of the Indian mainland in the Bay of Bengal.

a) Lakshadweep

b) Andaman & Nicobar

c) Bornea

Q.14: Why there is a high concentration of population in Northern Indian plains ?

a) Because it is more developed

b) Because rivers make the plain fertile for cultivation

c) Because cost of living is low

Q.15: _________ is the largest state of India in terms of area.

a) Sikkim

b) Madhya Pradesh

c) Rajasthan

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