Crop Production & Management

Q.1: When plants of same kind are grown and cultivated at one place on a large scale, it is known as ________.

a) forest

b) crop

c) weeds

Q.2: The process of loosening and turning of soil is known as ______.

a) tilling

b) plouging

c) both

Q.3: ______ is a simple tool used to remove weeds and for loosening of soil.

a) hoe

b) plough

c) thresher

Q.4: The main part of the plough is known as ______.

a) ploughshare

b) ploughshaft

c) ploughiron

Q.5: Insufficient manuring results in ______ plants.

a) strong

b) weak

c) firm

Q.6: _______ is a tool which sows seeds uniformly at proper distances and depths.

a) seed drill

b) seed sower

c) seed mower

Q.7: Why is it important to sow seeds at appropriate distance ?

a) to save money

b) to avoid using manure

c) to avoid overcrowding of seeds

Q.8: The time and frequency of _____ varies from crop to crop.

a) irrigation

b) weeding

c) manuring

Q.9: Which of these is not a source of irrigation ?

a) lake

b) well

c) bucket

Q.10: Plants contain nearly ____% of water.

a) 70

b) 80

c) 90

Q.11: _________ system is useful for sandy soil.

a) sprinkler

b) drip

c) none

Q.12: Neha lives in a village where water availability is scarce. Which irrigation method would you suggest for her ?

a) sprinkler

b) moat

c) drip

Q.13: ______ is a combination of harvester and thresher.

a) combine

b) tubewell

c) ploughshaft

Q.14: Why are the grains dried in sun before storing ?

a) to reduce moisture

b) to warm them

c) none

Q.15: Dried _____ leaves are used for storing food grains at home.

a) peepal

b) palm

c) neem

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