Skeletal System & Nervous System

Q.1: Which of these is NOT the other name of backbone?

a) vertebral column

b) spine

c) femur

Q.2: A human skull is made up of _____ bones.

a) 22

b) 14

c) 33

Q.3: _____ bone is the only movable bone in our skull.

a) Upper jaw

b) Lower jaw

c) Flat bone

Q.4: Which of these systems help to throw the waste out of our body?

a) skeletal

b) respiratory

c) excretory

Q.5: An adult human skeleton is made up of _____ bones.

a) 206

b) 106

c) 222

Q.6: _____ system transports nutrients and other substances.

a) circulatory

b) reproductive

c) skeletal

Q.7: _____ is the largest bone in our body.

a) Femur

b) Pectoral girdle

c) ulna

Q.8: The lower bones of leg are _____ and _____.

a) ulna and humerus

b) tibia and fibula

c) ankles and feet

Q.9: The place where two bones meet is called _____.

a) joint

b) tendon

c) muscle

Q.10: _____ joint is present in elbows.

a) pivot

b) gliding

c) hinge

Q.11: _____ joint allows the bones to slide against each other.

a) gliding

b) hinge

c) pivot

Q.12: _____ are made up of tough elastic tissue.

a) muscles

b) bones

c) cartilages

Q.13: There are ___ types of movable joints.

a) 2

b) 3

c) 4

Q.14: Muscles make ___ % weight of our body.

a) 70

b) 30

c) 40

Q.15: The muscles that are under our control are known as ______ muscles.

a) voluntary

b) involuntary

v) cardiac

Q.16: Bones cannot move without _______.

a) joints

b) muscles

c) ribs

Q.17: _____ muscles work throughout our life.

a) voluntary

b) cardiac

c) involuntary

Q.18: _____ is the largest part of the brain.

a) cerebellum

b) cerebrum

c) brain stem

Q.19: Brain is protected by fluid known as ______.

a) cerebrospinal fluid

b) greyish fluid

c) none

Q.20: ______ is called the centre of intelligence.

a)  medulla oblongata

b) cerebellum

c) cerebrum

Q.21: Nerves are made up of special cells called _____.

a) neurons

b) membranes

c) vertebrae

Q.22: A _____ action is an automatic reaction of the body to a stimulation.

a) voluntary

b) reflex

c) none

Q.23: ______ nerves carry messages to brain as well as bring orders from them.

a) motor

b) sensory

c) mixed

Q.24: The front part of the eye is protected by a transparent covering is called _____.

a) cornea

b) retina

c) pupil

Q.25: The organs which connect us to the outside world are called _____ organs.

a) internal

b) external

c) sense

Q.26: Reflex actions are controlled by _______.

a) brain

b) muscles

c) spinal cord

Q.27: The coloured part of the eye is ___.

a) cornea

b) pupil

c) iris

Q.28: _______ is the sense organ of taste.

a) skin

b) tongue

c) nose

Q.29: ______ is like a funnel and collects sound waves.

a) outer ear

b) pinna

c) eardrum

Q.30: The senses of _____ and taste are interlinked.

a) hearing

b) touch

c) smell

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