Algebra (Word Problems)

Q.1: Ritu is ‘x’ years old. Her elder sister is 7 years older than her. Find the age of her elder sister.

Q.2: Mohan had ‘n’ rupees in his account. He withdrew Rs.500 from the account. Find the remaining balance in his account.

Q.3: In a school, total ‘k’ students were there. From that 60 students failed in an exam. Find the number of students that passed.

Q.4: Simran bought oranges worth Rs. ‘z’. She gave Rs. 100 to the shopkeeper. How much money did she get back?

Q.5: The side of a square is ‘g’ metres. Find the perimeter of the square.

Q.6: Soha was standing on step ‘d’. If her sister was 7 steps ahead of her, the find the step’s number.

Q.7: Meneka had 80 chocolates. She distributed them among ‘t’ students. Find the number of chocolates received by each student.

Q.8: In an orchard, ‘r’ number of rows are there. In each row 5 trees are there. Find the total number of trees in the orchard.

Q.9: Kiran has 10 pencils. If his sister gave him ‘b’ number of pencils, then find how many pencils does he have now?

Q.10: If the side of an equilateral triangle is ‘g’ metres, then find its perimeter.

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