Changing Times

Q.1: What is the name of Chetandas’s wife?

a) Tina     b) Kareena     c) Suman

Q.2: Where did they build their kitchen?

a) Near bedroom      b) in courtyard      c) on terrace

Q.3: The branches of neem and keekar trees help to keep _____ away from wood.

a) termites     b) ants     c) bugs

Q.4: Dera Gazikhan is located in present day _______.

a) Pakistan      b) Afghanistan     c) Nepal

Q.5: Chetandas’s family got some land in _____ village.

a) Kanpur     b) Tarapur     c) Sohan

Q.6: Amma and Gudiya mixed soil with ____.

a) mud       b) husk    c) cement

Q.7: In earlier times, people used to sit on _____ in kitchen and eat together.

a) chair       b) desk       c) mat

Q.8: ______ makes the house stronger.

a) mud        b) cement       c) cow dung

Q.9: In earlier times. People used to cook on ______.

a) gas stove        b) chulha       c) oven

Q.10: When Chetandas and his family came to Delhi, they used to live in a  _______.

a) camp         b) building         c) hut


  1. Suman
  2. in courtyard
  3. termites
  4. Pakistan
  5. Sohan
  6. husk
  7. mat
  8. cement
  9. chulha
  10. camp

Published by Priya Prakash

In the midst of winter, i found there was within me an invincible summer ~ Albert Camus

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