Ch – 6 Rural Administration

Q.1: There are more than _____ lakh villages in India.

a) six

b) ten

c) sixteen

Q.2: ________ is in charge of police station.

a) IG

b) Inspector

c) SHO

Q.3: The main work of _________ is to measure land and keep land records.

a) District Collector

b) Tehsildar

c) Patwari

Q.4: ________ is responsible to maintain law and order in an area.

a) Patwari

b) Police

c) Judge

Q.5: Sometimes, Patwari uses __________ to measure the land.

a) long chain

b) measuring tape

c) ruler

Q.6: Each Patwari is responsible for a group of _________.

a) towns

b) villages

c) both

Q.7: Which of these is not the responsibility of Patwari?

a) To hear land disputes

b) To collect land revenues from farmers

c) To measure land

Q.8: Senior people in _________ department supervise Patwari’s work.

a) health

b) transport

c) revenue

Q.9: ____________ are sub-divided into talukas.

a) states

b) cities

c) districts

Q.10: Revenue officers are also known as ____________.

a) Tehsildars

b) Patwari

c) Lekhpal

Q.11: The land records are kept at _________ office, so that they are easily available and regularly updated.

a) Panchayat

b) Gram

c) District

Q.12: In which of the following case would a farmer need the land record?

a) When the farmer wants to start a whatsapp group

b) When the farmer wants a loan from bank

c) When the farmer wants to go for vacation

Q.13: __________ hears the land disputes.

a) Police

b) Patwari

c) Tehsildar

Q.14: According to which act, daughters and wives were entitled equal share of property?

a) Dowry Act

b) Equal Shares Act

c) Hindu Succession Act

Q.15: ______________ supervises the work of Patwari.

a) Tehsildar

b) Mayor

c) Sarpanch


  1. a
  2. c
  3. c
  4. b
  5. a
  6. b
  7. a
  8. c
  9. c
  10. a
  11. a
  12. b
  13. c
  14. c
  15. a

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