Ch – 11 Sunita In Space

Q.1: Sunita Williams has spent more than ____ months in space.

a) six

b) ten

c) four

Q.2: The blue colour on the globe indicates __________.

a) land

b) water

c) forest

Q.3: ___________ was the first Indian woman to go to space.

a) Sunita Williams

b) Bacchendri Pal

c) Kalpana Chawla

Q.4: Water floats around as ______ in space.

a) blobs

b) dew

c) mist

Q.5: Sunita came to _______ to fulfil Kalpana’s dream.

a) USA

b) India

c) Canada

Q.6: Why there was no need to use comb in space?

a) Because they were not going anywhere

b) Because they used their hands instead of comb

c) Because the hair kept standing all the time

Q.7: To stay at one place, Sunita had to ________.

a) strap herself

b) walk

c) stand still

Q.8: Sunita’s spaceship took off on ________.

a) 11-12-2006

b) 9-12-2006

c) 13-12-2006

Q.9: If we throw up a ball, it comes back because of _______’s gravity.

a) Moon

b) Mars

c) Earth

Q.10: Sunita Williams went _____ kilometers away from the earth.

a) 360

b) 450

c) 500

Q.11: With which of the following country India doesn’t play cricket?

a) South Africa

b) Peru

c) Australia

Q.12: From space, once cannot see ____________.

a) land

b) water

c) countries

Q.13: Which of the following festival is related to moon?

a) Eid

b) Baisakhi

c) Pongal

Q.14: Who was the first man to walk on moon?

a) Rakesh Sharma

b) Neil Armstrong

c) Elon Musk

Q.15: After high school, Sunita wanted to become a _________.

a) teacher

b) doctor

c) diver

Q.16: In ________, Sunita Williams set a new record for the longest space flight by a woman.

a) 2007

b) 2009

c) 2011

Q.17: Neil Armstrong walked on moon in ______.

a) 1947

b) 1969

c) 1996

Q.18: Why does Sunita want to become a school teacher in future?

a) Because she likes children.

b) Because that was her childhood dream.

c) Because she wants to make children understand how science and maths are closely related to our lives.


  1. a
  2. b
  3. c
  4. a
  5. b
  6. c
  7. a
  8. b
  9. c
  10. a
  11. b
  12. c
  13. a
  14. b
  15. c
  16. a
  17. b
  18. c

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