Ch – 10 Walls Tell Stories

Q.1: In 1200, the Golconda Fort was made of ______.

a) mud

b) cement

c) concrete

Q.2: ___________ Sultans lived in the fort one after another.

a) Qutubshahi

b) Mughal

c) Sayyid

Q.3: Bastions are also known as _________.

a) burj

b) cannons

c) baoli

Q.4: There are ____ bastions in the outer wall of Golconda Fort.

a) 87

b) 77

c) 67

Q.5: __________ Darwaza is situated near Resham Bagh.

a) Patanncheru

b) Banjara

c) Jamali

Q.6: ___________ Mahal is situated in the middle of Golconda Fort.

a) Moti

b) Taramati

c) Shahi

Q.7: Golconda Fort is situated in _________.

a) Hyderabad

b) Secunderabad

c) Ahmedabad

Q.8: The long pit made in front of the fort is known as _________.

a) Ditch

b) Burj

c) Bastion

Q.9: Big guns are called _______.

a) cannons

b) cartridges

c) AK-47

Q.10: Which of these methods were used by emperors to make smaller kingdoms a part of their own kingdom?

a) By flattery

b) By marriage

c) Both

Q.11: Aurangzeb’s army camped out of the fort for _____ months.

a) eight

b) seven

c) ten

Q.12: Cannons are made up of ______.

a) bronze

b) copper

c) steel

Q.13: ___________ people have been using bronze to make many things since thousands of year.

a) Tribal

b) Royal

c) Craft

Q.14: If you stand at __________ Darwaza whatever you speak can be heard at the king’s palace.

a) Fateh

b) Jamali

c) Banjara

Q.15: Craftsmen carve stones using _______ and ________.

a) chisel and hammer

b) screwdriver and hammer

c) axe and chisel


  1. a
  2. a
  3. a
  4. a
  5. a
  6. a
  7. a
  8. a
  9. a
  10. c
  11. a
  12. a
  13. a
  14. a
  15. a

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