Linear Equations

Q.1: The sum of three consecutive multiples of 11 is 363. Find these numbers.

Q.2: The difference between two whole numbers is 65. If the ratio of two numbers is 8:3. What are the two numbers?

Q.3: The perimeter of a rectangular hall is 240 cm. If the length is 3 m more than twice its breadth. Then find the dimensions of the rectangular hall.

Q.4: Ratio of three angles of a triangle is 2:3:4. Find the angles.

Q.5: Find the three consecutive even numbers whose sum is 123.

Q.6: If 10 is added to four times a certain number, the result is 5 less than five times the number. Find the number.

Q.7: Asha thinks of a number and subtracts 5/2 from it. She multiplies the result by 8. The final result is 3 times her original number. Find the number.

Q.8: Reshma’s mother is four times as old as Reshma. After 5 years, her mother will be three times as old as she will be. Then find their ages.

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