Ch – 7 New Questions & Ideas

Q.1: Buddha belonged to a small gana known as ________ gana.

a) Sakya

b) Kshatriya

c) Dev

Q.2: ________ stupa was built to mark the place where Buddha first taught his message.

a) Shanti

b) Ramabhar

c) Sarnath

Q.3: Buddha means _________.

a) The wise one

b) The brave one

c) The kind one

Q.4: Buddha taught in the language of ordinary people i.e. ________.

a) Sanskrit

b) Hindi

c) Prakrit

Q.5: Buddha meditated for days on end under a _______ tree at Bodh Gaya in Bihar.

a) peepal

b) mango

c) banyan

Q.6: _________ literally means ‘approaching and sitting near’.

a) Vedas

b) Sanskrit Texts

c) Upanishads

Q.7: Buddha passed away at __________.

a) Kusinara

b) Bodh Gaya

c) Varanasi

Q.8: According to Buddha, why life is full of unhappiness?

a) Because of our karmas

b) Because of work

c) Because we have cravings and desires

Q.9: __________ was a woman thinker, who was famous for her learning and participated in debates held in royal courts.

a) Gargi

b) Kisagotami

c) Jabali

Q.10: Buddha described the cravings and desires as _________.

a) karma

b) atman

c) tanha/thirst

Q.11: Many of the ideas of the Upanishads were later developed by the famous thinker ____________.

a) Shankaracharya

b) Parashuram

c) Siddhartha

Q.12: The word Jaina comes from the term _______, meaning conqueror.

a) Jeevan

b) Jeev

c) Jina

Q.13: ___________ prepared a grammar for Sanskrit.

a) Panini

b) Charaka

c) Ashoka

Q.14: Which of these statements are true about Vardhamana Mahavira?

a) He was a kshatriya prince of the Lichchhavis

b) At the age of thirty, he left home and went to forest.

c) Both are true

Q.15: At the end of ________ years, Mahavira attained enlightment.

a) twelve

b) twenty

c) ten

Q.16: The Prakrit spoken in Magadha was known as _______.

a) Awadhi

b) Sanskrit

c) Magadhi

Q.17: Jainism was supported mainly by __________.

a) traders

b) farmers

c) kings

Q.18: ________ is an association of those who left their homes.

a) Gana

b) Guild

c) Sangha

Q.19: Which of these was not a rule for followers of Mahavira?

a) They should steal

b) They should lead a life of celibacy

c) They should be honest

Q.20: The teachings of Mahavira were written down and are presently available at a place called ________, Gujarat.

a) Porbandar

b) Lothal

c) Valabhi

Q.21: The rules made for the Buddhist sangha were written down in a book called _____________.

a) Vinaya Pitaka

b) Sutta Pitaka

c) Abhidhamma Pitaka

Q.22: The only time the monks stayed at one place was during the ________ season.

a) winter

b) summer

c) rainy

Q.23: The monasteries built for monks were known as ____________.

a) viharas

b) caves

c) stupas

Q.24: _________ means a stage of life.

a) sangha

b) upanishad

c) ashrama

Q.25: Generally, ______ were not allowed to study the Vedas.

a) women

b) children

c) merchants

Q.26: The ashrama in which men had to marry and live as householders is _____________.

a) Vanaprastha

b) Brahmacharya

c) Grihastha

Q.27: The teachings of Zoroaster are contained in a book called the ___________.

a) Avesta

b) Vedas

c) Bible

Q.28: The men who joined sanghas had to beg for food and that is why they were called as ____________.

a) Dasas

b) Karamchari

c) Bhikkhus


  1. a
  2. c
  3. a
  4. c
  5. a
  6. c
  7. a
  8. c
  9. a
  10. c
  11. a
  12. c
  13. a
  14. c
  15. a
  16. c
  17. a
  18. c
  19. a
  20. c
  21. a
  22. c
  23. a
  24. c
  25. a
  26. c
  27. a
  28. c

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