1. Hiren wastes a lot of his time in brooding _______ his past.
  2. She was convicted _______ making false statements.
  3. I am longing ________ a long break from work.
  4. He is open ____ new ideas.
  5. I prefer hills ________ plains.
  6. We should take pride ________ the glorious past of our country.
  7. Kiran frequently quotes _________ literary classics.
  8. You can rely ______ me in times of crisis.
  9. Her marriage is sacred ______ her.
  10. People should abide _____ the norms of the society.
  11. Children are getting addicted ____ violent online games.
  12. Her grandmother is afflicted _______ arthritis.
  13. The passengers were annoyed ______ the conductor’s rude behaviour.
  14. She is bent ____ winning elections by hook or by crook.
  15. She was born ______ a rich family.
  16. Several people burst _____ tears on hearing about Maradona’s demise.
  17. Mr. Varma is sensitive ____ the needs of his staff.
  18. His weakness _____ alcohol led to his ruin.
  19. You must apologize _____ your brother.
  20. She has a taste _____ mythological fiction.

Published by Priya Prakash

In the midst of winter, i found there was within me an invincible summer ~ Albert Camus

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