Transitive And Intransitive Verb

The transitive verb transfers its action to someone or something.

The receiver of this action is known as ‘Direct Object’.

It expresses doable activities that relate or affect someone or something.

Eg: Rani eats cookies. ( Here, ‘eats’ is a transitive verb as it affects the direct object ‘cookies’ )

Intransitive Verb also refers to doable activities but there is no direct object.

It does not transfer its action to anyone or anything.

They make sense without transferring their action.

For eg: Rani eats to stay healthy. ( Here, ‘eats’ is the intransitive verb as it doesn’t transfer its action )

To identify whether a given verb is transitive or intransitive, you have to follow certain steps.

  1. Spot the verb in the sentence.
  2. Ask the question, ” What is receiving the action of the verb?”
  3. If direct object is present-> Transitive verb
  4. If direct object is absent-> Intransitive verb

Identify the verbs in the following sentences, and tell in each case whether verb is transitive or intransitive :

  1. Birds fly in the air.
  2. Sara ran after her dog.
  3. I forgot to bring my camera.
  4. The little bird hopped and sang.
  5. We eat three times a day.
  6. I looked down at him from my window.
  7. She speaks politely.
  8. The boy cut his hair with scissors.
  9. The sun shone brightly yesterday.
  10. The moon rose slowly.
  11. I know a funny little man.
  12. My new watch stopped working.
  13. Take your books with you.
  14. Time changes everything.
  15. The cat sleeps on the carpet.
  16. The policemen caught the thieves.
  17. Rekha writes to her cousin regularly.
  18. You should always speak the truth.
  19. The baby easily lifted the gift box.
  20. It rained all day long.

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