Early Kingdoms In India

Q.1: Landless agricultural labourers were known as ___________.

a) tribes

b) kammakaras

c) bhikkus

Q.2: The land where jana sets foot and get settled down is known as ________.

a) mahajanapada

b) janapada

c) sangha

Q.3: ___________ is a famous Buddhist book that contains the sayings of the Buddha.

a) Vinaya Pitaka

b) Digha Nikaya

c) Rigveda

Q.4: The development of kingdoms started in India around ______ years ago.

a) 1,500

b) 2,500

c) 3,500


Q.5: Which of these following is a unique type of pottery found during the period of mahajanapadas?

a) terracotta

b) Painted Grey Ware

c) toys

Q.6: The mahajanapada which was ruled by a group of people elected by the people of that tribe is known as ________.

a) monarchy

b) republic

c) none

Q.7: When some janapadas became more important and powerful than others, they came to be known as ____________.

a) powerjanapada

b) mahajanapada

c) bigjanapada

Q.8: The ritual in which horse was set loose and whoever stopped that horse had to fight with the king is __________.

a) Vajapeya

b) Ashvamedha

c) None

Q.9: Which of these statements is incorrect about the mahajanapadas?

a) They had a capital city.

b) Mostly, they had republican system.

c) They were fortified.


Q.10: ________ was a tax on crops.

a) octroi

b) bhaga

c) share

Q.11: __________ belonged to the first varna.

a) Shudras

b) Brahmins

c) Vaishyas

Q.12: _______ were rulers and warriors.

a) Brahmins

b) Kshatriyas

c) Vaishyas

Q.13: People who helped to perform burials, cremations, hunters and gatherers, were classified as ________.

a) dasas

b) untouchables

c) kammakaras

Q.14: Introduction of _______ played a very important role in the development of trade.

a) wheel

b) money

c) iron


Q.15: Who were the two powerful rulers of Magadha?

a) Suryagupta and Chandragupta

b) Bimbisara and Ajatashatru

c) Ashoka and Bindusara

Q.16: The capital of Magadha was shifted from Rajgriha to ________.

a) Vaishali

b) Patliputra

c) Periyar

Q.17: Vajji with its capital _____ was a republican mahajanapada.

a) Rajgriha

b) Vaishali

c) Vridavan

Q.18: Most of the kingdoms developed near ______ valley.

a) Narmada

b) Ganga

c) Brahmaputra



  1. b
  2. b
  3. b
  4. b
  5. b
  6. b
  7. b
  8. b
  9. b
  10. b
  11. b
  12. b
  13. b
  14. b
  15. b
  16. b
  17. b
  18. b

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