Ratio Worksheet

Q.1: In a class, there are 120 boys and 95 girls. What is the ratio of the number of boys to number of girls ?

Q.2: The cost of a car is Rs 2,50,000 and the cost of a bike is Rs 1,75,000. Find the ratio of the cost of car to the cost if bike ?

Q.3: In train A 936 passengers are there and in train B 1024 passengers are there. Find the ratio of passengers in train A to passengers in train B ?

Q.4: Isha’s weight is 35 kg and her father’s weight is 75 kg. Find the ratio of Isha’s weight to weight of her father.

Q.5: Sameer takes 50 minutes to reach school from his home while Sonam takes 1.5 hour to reach school from her home. Find the ratio of time taken by Sameer to the time taken by Sonam.

Q.6: The weight of a mug is 275 g and the weight of a bowl is 200 g. Find the ratio of weight of a mug to weight of a bowl.

Q.7: Obtain the ratio and express it in reduced form:

a) 2.5 kg and 500 g

b) Rs 500 and 80 paise

c) 7 cm and 49 mm

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