Acids, Bases And Salts

Q.1: The substances like curd and vinegar taste sour, because they contain __________.

a) acid

b) base

c) salt

Q.2: The special type of substances used to test whether a substance is acidic or basic are known as __________.

a) indicators

b) solutions

c) none

Q.3: Litmus is extracted from __________.

a) lichens

b) plants

c) wood

Q.4: __________ are soapy in touch.

a) bases

b) salts

c) acids

Q.5: The turmeric stain on clothes turns into red when it is washed with soap. This happens because the soap solution is ___________.

a) basic

b) acidic

c) neutral

Q.6: The rain containing excess of acids is known as ____________.

a) chemical rain

b) acid rain

c) none

Q.7: Acids turn blue litmus _________.

a) blue

b) red

c) white

Q.8: The sting of an ant contains ________ acid.

a) oxalic

b) formic

c) tartaric

Q.9: If the soil is basic, __________ is added to it to neutralise the basic nature of soil.

a) baking soda

b) organic matter

c) quick lime

Q.10: _______________ is found in lime water.

a) ammonium hydroxide

b) calcium hydroxide

c) sodium hydroxide

Q.11: _______________ substances are neither acidic nor basic.

a) milky

b) soapy

c) neutral

Q.12: In neutralisation reaction, ______________ is/are produced with the evolution of heat.

a) salt

b) water

c) both

Q.13: To relieve indigestion, we take an antacid like milk of _____________.

a) potassium

b) calcium

c) magnesia

Q.14: ____________ acid is found in unripe mangoes.

a) acetic

b) lactic

c) tartaric

Q.15: Chine rose solution turns acidic solutions to _____________ colour.

a) green

b) orange

c) magenta


  1. a
  2. a
  3. a
  4. a
  5. a
  6. b
  7. b
  8. b
  9. b
  10. b
  11. c
  12. c
  13. c
  14. c
  15. c

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