Ch – 7 Getting To Know Plants

Q.1: __________’s stem is hard but not very thick.

a) herb

b) shrub

c) tree

Q.2: The unwanted plants are known as __________.

a) weeds

b) herbs

c) shrubs

Q.3: Which of these is a characteristic of herb ?

a) They are tall.

b) They have green and tender stems.

c) They may have many branches.

Q.4: Plants with weak stems that cannot stand upright but spread on the ground are called __________.

a) creepers

b) climbers

c) both

Q.5: _________ helps in the upward movement of water in plants.

a) flowers

b) leaves

c) stem

Q.6: The part of the leaf which is attached to the stem is called _________.

a) lamina

b) stalk

c) petiole

Q.7: The prominent line that runs through the middle of the leaf is known as _________.

a) veins

b) midrib

c) lamina

Q.8: The broad, green part of the leaf is known as ________.

a) leaf blade

b) lamina

c) both

Q.9: Water released out of leaves in the form of vapour is called ____________.

a) transpiration

b) venation

c) none

Q.10: __________ gas is given out during the photosynthesis process.

a) nitrogen

b) oxygen

c) carbon dioxide

Q.11: If the leaf has net-like designs on both the sides of midrib is known as _____________ venation.

a) parallel

b) reticulate

c) both

Q.12: _________ anchor the plant to the soil.

a) root

b) stem

c) branches

Q.13: The smaller roots present near the tap root are known as _________ roots.

a) fibrous

b) lateral

c) smaller

Q.14: _______ is an edible root.

a) carrot

b) sweet potato

c) both

Q.15: If the leaf has parallel venation, then the plant has _________ venation.

a) tap

b) fibrous

c) none

Q.16: _______ are the most attractive part of the flower.

a) stamens

b) sepals

c) petals

Q.17: The small leaf-like structures that protect the bud are called ________.

a) sepals

b) petals

c) carpels

Q.18: The female reproductive part of a flower is known as __________.

a) stamen

b) pistil

c) anther

Q.19: The small bead like structures inside ovary are known as _______.

a) pollen

b) ovules

c) seeds

Q.20: Which of the following are parts of stamen ?

a) anther and filament

b) style and stigma

c) anther and ovary

Q.21: ___________ is the lowermost and swollen part of the pistil.

a) stamen

b) sepal

c) ovary

Q.22: Based on height, nature of stem and branches, the plants can be classified into ________ categories.

a) 3

b) 5

c) 7


  1. b
  2. a
  3. b
  4. a
  5. c
  6. c
  7. b
  8. c
  9. a
  10. b
  11. b
  12. a
  13. b
  14. c
  15. b
  16. c
  17. a
  18. b
  19. b
  20. a
  21. c
  22. a

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