Ch – 13 Why Do We Fall Ill ?

Q.1: __________ is a state of being well enough to function well physically, mentally and socially.

a) Health

b) Disease

c) None

Q.2: __________ disease lasts for a short period of time.

a) Acute

b) Chronic

c) Both

Q.3: ___________ system is made up of bones and muscles.

a) Musculoskeletal

b) Nervous

c) Circulatory

Q.4: ______________ bacterium is responsible for peptic ulcers.

a) Helicobacter pylori

b) Staphyloccoci

c) Ascaris lumbricoides

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Q.5: Diseases where microbes are the immediate causes are known as _________ diseases.

a) infectious

b) non-infectious

c) none

Q.6: ____________ bacteria can cause acne.

a) Staphylococci

b) Leishmania

c) Both

Q.7: ____________ is the protozoan organism that is responsible for sleeping sickness.

a) Trypanosoma

b) Leishmania

c) Ascaris lumbricoides

Q.8: Diseases like typhoid, fever, cholera, anthrax, etc. are caused by __________.

a) bacteria

b) virus

c) protozoa

Q.9: The severity of disease manifestations depend on the number of __________ in the body.

a) microbes

b) RBCs

c) Plasma

Q.10: An active immune system recruits many cells to the affected tissue to kill-off the disease-causing microbes. This process is known as __________.

a) inflammation

b) recruitment

c) recirculate

Q.11: The animals carrying infecting agents from a sick person to a healthy person are known as ________.

a) vectors

b) intermediaries

c) none

Exploring Biology for NEET – Vol. 1 2021

Q.12: Why making anti-viral medicines is harder than making anti-bacterial medicines?

a) Because viruses have few biochemical mechanisms of their own.

b) Because bacteria have few biochemical mechanisms of their own.

c) None

Q.13: If the number of infecting microbes is controlled, the manifestations of disease will be ________.

a) minor

b) major

c) same

Q.14: The word “vaccine” is derived from the Latin word “vacca” meaning ____________.

a) cow

b) small

c) medicine

Q.15: Infectious diseases can be prevented by using _______________.

a) immunisation

b) operations

c) none

Oswaal NCERT Exemplar (Problems – solutions) Class 9 Science Book (For 2021 Exam)


  1. a
  2. a
  3. a
  4. a
  5. a
  6. a
  7. a
  8. a
  9. a
  10. a
  11. a
  12. a
  13. a
  14. a
  15. a

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