Ch – 6 Expert Detectives

Q.1: Nishad means the ___________ note of the musical scale.

a) eighth

b) seventh

c) second

Q.2: Maya is _______ years old.

a) five

b) six

c) ten

Q.3: Nishad’s mother is a _________.

a) doctor

b) teacher

c) nurse

Q.4: “Do you really think he’s a criminal, Maya?”. Who is being referred to as a criminal in this sentence?

a) Mr Nath

b) Mr Mehta

c) Mr Sharma

Q.5: Nishad went with his mother to her clinic at ____________.

a) Girgaum

b) Gurugam

c) Gwalior

Q.6: Who brings food for Mr Nath from the restaurant ?

a) Suresh

b) Ramesh

c) Mukesh

Q.7: According to Maya, what was hidden in Mr Nath’s trunk in his room ?

a) Toys and chocolates

b) Mud and sand

c) Jewels, silver and gold

Q.8: Why couldn’t Maya see Mr Nath’s scar ?

a) Because his face was turned to the other side.

b) Because it was too dark.

c) Because she was afraid to look at him.

Q.9: Nishad’s mother told them that Mr Nath’s scars were _________.

a) burn scars

b) shootout scars

c) fight scars

Q.10: Why did Nishad go to Mr Nath’s home ?

a) To bring the lost marble.

b) To give him a bar of chocolate.

c) To say hello.

Q.11: Nishad was fondly called ________ by his sister.

a) Eight

b) Seven

c) Six

Q.12: Why was Nishad upset about Mr Nath’s gaunt appearance ?

a) Because he was sure that Mr Nath was starving.

b) Because he was scared.

c) None

Q.13: “Good for you, Mr Detective”. Who said this sentence to whom ?

a) Maya to Nishad

b) Nishad to Maya

c) Maya to Ramesh

Q.14: On which day does the stranger visit Mr Nath ?

a) Monday

b) Friday

c) Sunday

Q.15: Mr Nath takes _____ cups of tea every day.

a) ten

b) two

c) five

Q.16: Which adjectives were used by Ramesh to describe Mr Nath’s visitor ?

a) short, dark, plump

b) tall, fair, stout

c) tall, dark, lean

Q.17: According to Maya, _________ can look quite ordinary.

a) chefs

b) actors

c) criminals

Q.18: Why was there an unexpected holiday ?

a) Because of the heavy downpour.

b) Because of the heavy traffic.

c) Because of the pandemic.

Q.19: During the holiday, Nishad was lying on bed reading _________.

a) academic books

b) comics

c) magazines

Q.20: __________ means an alternate name.

a) anonymous

b) alias

c) none

Q.21: The tenants at _________ House say that Mr Nath is mad, strange and unfriendly.

a) Shankar

b) Mahesh

c) Ramesh

Q.22: According to Maya, why was Mr Nath polite with them ?

a) Because they reminded him of his children.

b) Because he was friendly.

c) Because he was under their mother’s medical treatment.

Q.23: Mr Nath has been living in Room 10 for more than ________.

a) a year

b) two years

c) five years

Q.24: According to Maya, who could be Mr Nath’s accomplice ?

a) The man who brings him food.

b) The man who visits him on Sundays.

c) The man who lives downstairs.

Q.25: Who was insistent on calling Mr Nath a crook ?

a) Maya

b) Nishad

c) Seven

Q.26: What does Nishad want to find our about Mr Nath ?

a) Why he is so thin ?

b) Why he is so lonely ?

c) Both

Q.27: “The Expert Detectives” story has been taken from ____________ written by Sharada Dwivedi.

a) The Tales of Detectives

b) Sherlock Holmes

c) The Broken Flute

Q.28: According to Maya, what would happen to Nishad if he becomes a friend of Mr Nath ?

a) Cops will take him to jail.

b) Ramesh will bring him free food.

c) Mr Nath’s accomplice will visit their home.


  1. b
  2. c
  3. a
  4. a
  5. a
  6. b
  7. c
  8. b
  9. a
  10. b
  11. b
  12. a
  13. a
  14. c
  15. b
  16. b
  17. c
  18. a
  19. b
  20. b
  21. a
  22. c
  23. a
  24. b
  25. a
  26. c
  27. c
  28. a

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