Ch – 6 I Want Something In A Cage

Q.1: Mr Purcell owns a _______ shop.

a) bakery

b) pet

c) shoe

Q.2: __________ is a small, bright yellow bird noted for its singing.

a) humming bird

b) canary

c) cuckoo

Q.3: What was Mr Purcell’s morning routine ?

a) To drink coffee

b) To read morning paper

c) To take heavy breakfast

Q.4: What gave Mr Purcell the appearance of a wise and genial owl ?

a) His voice

b) His large glasses

c) His dressing sense

Q.5: “Aren’t they cute?” Who said this sentence ?

a) Mr. Purcell’s mother

b) Customers

c) Mr. Purcell

Q.6: How does Mr. Purcell know when a customer enters his shop ?

a) Customer calls him.

b) Bell above the door jingles.

c) Both

Q.7: Why did Mr. Purcell feel that the stranger appeared out of thin air ?

a) Because the stranger was a magician.

b) Because the bell didn’t ring.

c) None

Q.8: Which of the following sentences describe the stranger ?

a) He had a shuttling glance and long hair.

b) His suit was cheap and ill-fitting.

c) His suit was cheap and old.

Q.9: What was the original price of the pair of doves ?

a) six-fifty

b) five-fifty

c) seven-fifty

Q.10: Why did Mr. Purcell agree to sell the pair of doves for five dollars only ?

a) Because he was a generous man.

b) Because he still earned a tidy profit.

c) Because he desperately wanted to sell those doves.

Q.11: Who said this sentence, “I mean all this caged stuff. Drives you crazy, doesn’t it?”

a) Mr. Purcell

b) Stranger

c) Mr. Nath

Q.12: How long did it take for the stranger to make five dollars ?

a) Five years

b) Ten years

c) Two years

Q.13: How much did the stranger earn per year ?

a) Ten dollars

b) Fifty cents

c) Fifty dollars

Q.14: Who rose like windblown balls of fluff and disappeared in the smoky grey of the city ?

a) Rats

b) Doves

c) Canaries

Q.15: Why did Mr. Purcell feel vaguely insulted ?

a) Because he sold doves at a loss.

b) Because the stranger was desperate for buying doves and then he released them.

c) Because the stranger didn’t say proper goodbye to him.

Q.16: Who had written the story “I want something in a cage” ?

a) Sharada Dwivedi

b) L.E.Greeve

c) Munshi Premchand


  1. b
  2. b
  3. b
  4. b
  5. b
  6. b
  7. b
  8. b
  9. b
  10. b
  11. b
  12. b
  13. b
  14. b
  15. b
  16. b

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