Ch – 6 Every Drop Counts

Q.1: Sar means a ________.

a) river

b) pond

c) lake

Q.2: King ___________ of Jaisalmer made Ghadisar with the help of people, 650 years ago.

a) Pratap

b) Aurangzeb

c) Ghadsi

Q.3: All around the Ghadisar, there were _________ with steps leading to the water, decorated verandahs, rooms and much more.

a) ghats

b) benches

c) tables

Q.4: Al-Beruni came from a place now known as ________________.

a) Pakistan

b) Uzbekistan

c) Afghanistan

Q.5: The raised platforms around the lakes were known as _________________.

a) chabutaras

b) ghats

c) none

Q.6: In ___________ instead of drawing the up water from the well, the people could go down the steps and reach the water.

a) bavdis

b) johads

c) chabutaras

Q.7: Why do people go to ghats ?

a) To celebrate festivals.

b) Children go their to study.

c) Both

Q.8: Darki Mai lives in a village in ____________ district.

a) Surat

b) Alwar

c) Bharuch

Q.9: In _________, there was no rain in Jodhpur and the surrounding areas.

a) 1986

b) 1958

c) 1966

Q.10: Travellers carried water in a leather bag known as ______________.

a) piau

b) mashak

c) none

Q.11: At some places, whenever lakes get filled up with rainwater, people gather around the lake to ______________.

a) celebrate

b) quarrel

c) both

Q.12: We have to pay ____________ for the amount of water we use.

a) water bill

b) phone bill

c) electricity bill


  1. c
  2. c
  3. a
  4. b
  5. a
  6. a
  7. c
  8. b
  9. a
  10. b
  11. a
  12. a

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