Ch – 5 The Fundamental Unit Of Life (Part 1)

Q.1: In Latin, Cell means ‘__________’.

a) a plant

b) a little room

c) a bag

Q.2: Cells were first discovered by Robert Hooke in ________.

a) 1665

b) 1650

c) 1645

Q.3: In 1831, ____________ discovered the nucleus in the cell.

a) Robert Hooke

b) Robert Brown

c) Purkinje

Q.4: ______________ is commonly known as ‘The Father of Microbiology’.

a) Purkinje

b) Schwann

c) Leeuwenhoek

Q.5: Purkinje in 1839 coined the term ‘___________’ for the fluid substance of the cell.

a) protoplasm

b) nucleus

c) chromosomes

Q.6: ____________ suggested that all cells arise from pre-existing cells.

a) Schwann

b) Schleiden

c) Virchow

Q.7: Electron microscope was discovered in __________.

a) 1839

b) 1674

c) 1940

Q.8: _____________ had presented the cell theory.

a) Schleiden

b) Schwann

c) Both

Q.9: ____________ is the outermost covering of the cell that separates the contents of the cell from its external environment.

a) Plasma membrane

b) Cytoplasm

c) Mitochondria

Q.10: Each cell has certain specific components within it called __________.

a) organelles

b) organs

c) none

Q.11: Why is the cell membrane called selectively permeable membrane ?

a) Because it allows the entry of materials in to the cell.

b) Because it stops the entry of materials in to the cell.

c) Because it allows the entry and exit of some materials in and out of the cell.

Q.12: ___________ is the passage of water from a region of high water concentration through a semi-permeable membrane to a region of low water concentration.

a) diffusion

b) osmosis

c) none


  1. b
  2. a
  3. b
  4. c
  5. a
  6. c
  7. c
  8. c
  9. a
  10. a
  11. c
  12. b

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