Ch – 7 Fair Play

Q.1: How do we know that Jumman & Algu were good friends ?

a) When either of them went away from the village, the other looked after his family.

b) They borrowed money from each other.

c) They were friends on facebook.

Q.2: Why did Jumman’s aunt transfer her property to him ?

a) She was going on a pilgrimage.

b) She thought he would look after her.

c) Both

Q.3: Jumman’s aunt asked him for a ______________ to set up a separate kitchen.

a) monthly allowance

b) daily allowance

c) yearly allowance

Q.4: How did the villagers react to the aunt’s stories ?

a) They laughed at her.

b) They sympathised with her.

c) Both

Q.5: Who said these words to whom, “Come to the panchayat and speak the truth” ?

a) Jumman to Algu

b) Algu to Aunt

c) Aunt to Algu

Q.6: The panchayat was held under an old _________ tree.

a) banyan

b) peepal

c) mango

Q.7: The voice of Panch is the voice of ________.

a) Panch

b) Villagers

c) God

Q.8: According to Aunt, _________ knows neither friend nor enemy.

a) God

b) Villagers

c) Panch

Q.9: Aunt transferred her property to Jumman ____ years ago.

a) two

b) three

c) four

Q.10: Why did Aunt nominate Algu as the Panch ?

a) Because she knew that he will not kill his conscience for the sake of friendship.

b) Because she knew he will support her.

c) Because she want to spoil Jumman and Algu’s friendship.

Q.11: What verdict did Algu announce after cross-examining the case ?

a) Jumman should pay his aunt weekly allowance.

b) Jumman should give good food to aunt.

c) Jumman should pay his aunt monthly allowance.

Q.12: “To be in a tight spot” means _________________.

a) to be in a crowded place.

b) to be in a lift.

c) to be in a difficult situation.

Q.13: Samjhu Sahu was a _____________ of the village.

a) cart driver

b) rickshaw driver

c) truck driver

Q..14: What was the understanding between Sahu and Algu ?

a) Sahu will pay the price after a year.

b) Sahu will give him back bullock within a year.

c) Sahu will pay the price within a month.

Q.15: Why did Sahu refuse to pay bullock’s price ?

a) Because the bullock died within a month.

b) Because he had no money.

c) Both

Q.16: Sahu chose _____________ as the head panch.

a) Jumman’s aunt

b) Algu’s aunt

c) Jumman

Q.17: When did Jumman realise the responsibility and dignity of the panch’s office ?

a) When his aunt died.

b) When he met Sahu.

c) When he became the head panch.

Q.18: Who shouted these words, “Victory to the panchayat” ?

a) Jumman

b) Algu

c) Sahu

Q.19: “Fair Play” story is retold by ______________.

a) Premchand

b) Dhyanchand

c) Munshichand

Q.20: According to the panch, why should Sahu pay the price of the bullock ?

a) Because the bullock was fine when Sahu bought it, so Algu can’t be blamed for bullock’s death.

b) Because Jumman wanted to take revenge.

c) Both


  1. a
  2. b
  3. a
  4. b
  5. c
  6. a
  7. c
  8. c
  9. b
  10. a
  11. c
  12. c
  13. a
  14. c
  15. a
  16. c
  17. c
  18. b
  19. a
  20. a

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