Ch – 7 Amazing Animals

Q.1: An area in which a particular animal naturally lives, eats, grows and reproduces is called __________________.

a) habitat

b) surroundings

c) adaptations

Q.2: ___________ are large areas which that contain variety of trees and other plants.

a) Forests

b) Deserts

c) Polar regions

Q.3: ____________ makes animals hard to spot and protects them from other hunting animals.

a) Moulting

b) Migration

c) Camouflage

Q.4: Which of these is not a type of feather of birds ?

a) Down feather

b) White feather

c) Flight feather

Q.5: Shedding of an old skin to acquire a new one is called ____________.

a) Moulting

b) Migration

c) Camouflage

Q.6: Which of the following animals does not have scales ?

a) Shrimp

b) Eel

c) Fishes

Q.7: ____________ use their scales to move on land.

a) Snakes

b) Shrimps

c) Crabs

Q.8: Birds living in ____________ have thick and dense feathers on their bodies.

a) Oceans

b) Deserts

c) Polar regions

Q.9: _____________ are the largest habitats on the earth.

a) Forests

b) Oceans

c) Deserts

Q.10: The animals which can live on land and in water are known as _____________.

a) Amphibians

b) Arboreal

c) Aquatic

Q.11: Which of the following is an omnivore ?

a) Cow

b) Human Being

c) Tiger

Q.12: An earthworm breathes through its ___________.

a) Lungs

b) Spiracles

c) Moist skin

Q.13: _________ burns the food within the animal’s body and releases energy for all the activities.

a) Oxygen

b) Nitrogen

c) Carbon dioxide

Q.14: The air that enters through spiracles reaches all the parts of the body through small tubes called ____________.

a) respiration tubes

b) oxygen tubes

c) breathing tubes

Q.15: ___________ have small and sharp front teeth.

a) Herbivores

b) Carnivores

c) Omnivores

Q.16: _________ are the modified forelimbs.

a) Wings

b) Beaks

c) Claws

Q.17: ______________ makes the longest migration in every winters from Arctic Circle to Antarctic Circle and back to Arctic Circle by the end of winters.

a) Siberian Crane

b) Mallard Duck

c) Arctic Tern

Q.18: Carnivores have sharp and pointed ___________ to tear the flesh of other animals.

a) incisors

b) molars

c) canines

Q.19: Why the birds like emu, ostrich, etc. can’t fly ?

a) Because they are lazy.

b) Because they have heavy bodies and weak wings.

c) Because they like to stay at same place.

Q.20: Which of the following birds come to India every winters to breed ?

a) Siberian Crane

b) Mallard Duck

c) Both

Q.21: _____________ travels long distances to reach freshwater in order to lay eggs ?

a) Seal

b) Salmon

c) Tuna

Q.22: Mammals have two lungs connected with a ____________.

a) throat

b) windpipe

c) stomach

Q.23: Animals like penguins and seals swim with the help of ________.

a) fins

b) flippers

c) gills

Q.24: Human beings use their ____________ to hold things and do work.

a) forelimbs

b) hindlimbs

c) both

Q.25: Air reaches to our lungs through ___________.

a) windpipe

b) mouth

c) nostrils

Q.26: Frogs and ducks use their ______________ to swim.

a) flippers

b) legs

c) webbed feet

Q.27: How do the birds push themselves in the air ?

a) By moving their wings up and down.

b) By jumping from branches.

c) None


  1. a
  2. a
  3. c
  4. b
  5. a
  6. b
  7. a
  8. c
  9. b
  10. a
  11. b
  12. c
  13. a
  14. c
  15. a
  16. a
  17. c
  18. c
  19. b
  20. c
  21. b
  22. b
  23. b
  24. a
  25. c
  26. c
  27. a

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