Kinds Of Nouns Worksheet

Q: Underline the nouns in the following sentences and also mention the kind of nouns ( proper/common/material/collective/abstract )

  1. Rabindranath Tagore wrote many famous poems.
  2. The audience was mesmerized by the dancer’s performance.
  3. Mr. Sharma is the head of the committee.
  4. She was born in May.
  5. She wrote a letter to her cousin.
  6. Menaka got an award for her bravery.
  7. Udaipur is famous for its grand palaces.
  8. The class is studying history.
  9. The accused was waiting for the jury’s decision.
  10. Rome was not built in a day.
  11. The childhood days were carefree.
  12. His wisdom was respected by the courtiers.
  13. They like to visit museums on Sundays.
  14. Jawaharlal Nehru was the first Prime Minister of India.
  15. I gave a bouquet of roses to Miss Hilton.
  16. There is no happiness without good health.
  17. A swarm of bees entered in to the room.
  18. The crowd cheered when the cricketer scored a century.
  19. Thanjavur is a temple town.
  20. The picture reflected the innocence of his soul.

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