Ch – 11 Transportation In Animals & Plants

Q.1: The fluid part of the blood is called ___________.

a) RBC

b) WBC

c) Plasma

Q.2: ____________ carry oxygen rich blood from the heart to all parts of the body.

a) Arteries

b) Veins

c) Both

Q.3: The presence of ______________ makes the blood appear red.

a) calcium

b) hormones

c) haemoglobin

Q.4: The _____________ fight against germs that enter our body.

a) Red Blood Cells

b) White Blood Cells

c) Platelets

Q.5: The pulse rate of a resting person is usually ______ beats per minute.

a) 72-80

b) 70-82

c) 75-85

Q.6: Nikunj wounded himself while playing. The blood came out of the wound and clotted after some time. The ability of blood to clot is because of the presence of ___________ in the blood.

a) RBC

b) WBC

c) Platelets

Q.7: __________ have thin walls.

a) Arteries

b) Veins

c) Both

Q.8: Your heart is roughly the size of your __________.

a) head

b) mouth

c) fist

Q.9: The rhythmic contraction and relaxation of heart muscles constitute _________.

a) heart beat

b) pulse

c) breathing rate

Q.10: The upper two chambers of the heart are known as ____________.

a) Atria

b) Ventricles

c) None

Q.11: The __________ is the main artery that carries the blood away from heart to the other body parts.

a) Pulmonary vein

b) Pulmonary artery

c) Aorta

Q.12: The English physician, ____________, discovered the circulation of blood.

a) Robert Harvey

b) William Harvey

c) John Harvey

Q.13: The kidneys, ureter, bladder and urethra form the ____________ system.

a) digestive

b) excretory

c) nervous

Q.14: Aquatic animals excrete cell waste in gaseous form _______________, which gets dissolved in water.

a) urea

b) ammonia

c) chlorine

Q.15: When a person’s kidney fails, he has to get his blood filtered periodically through an artificial kidney. This process is known as _____________.

a) dialysis

b) surgery

c) none

Q.16: The ______________ increase the surface area of the root for the absorption of water and mineral nutrients dissolved in water.

a) root cells

b) stem cells

c) root hairs

Q.17: The vascular tissue for the transport of water and nutrients in the plant is known as _____________.

a) xylem

b) phloem

c) both

Q.18: _________ and ________ are removed along with water as sweat.

a) urea and ammonia

b) salts and urea

b) salts and hormones


  1. c
  2. a
  3. c
  4. b
  5. a
  6. c
  7. b
  8. c
  9. a
  10. a
  11. c
  12. b
  13. b
  14. b
  15. a
  16. c
  17. a
  18. b

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