Ch – 7 A Visit To Cambridge

Q.1: Firdaus Kanga was born with ________________.

a) night blindness

b) brittle bones

c) jaundice

Q.2: Stephen Hawking had the Chair of ____________ at the University.

a) Albert Einstein

b) J.J.Thompson

c) Isaac Newton

Q.3: __________________ was written by Stephen Hawking.

a) The Origin of Species

b) The Sense Of Wonder

c) A Brief History Of Time

Q.4: According to the author, what is the only thing that makes you stronger ?

a) To see someone like you, achieving something huge.

b) To get advices on how to stay strong.

c) To get support of your family and friends.

Q.5: Why did the author feel guilty ?

a) Because he felt bad for Stephen Hawking.

b) Because every time he asked something, he was forcing Stephen Hawking to respond.

c) Because he was asking difficult questions to Stephen Hawking.

Q.6: According to a lot of people, disabled people are chronically ______________.

a) unhappy

b) inactive

c) quiet

Q.7: Why does the author think that first glimpse of Stephen Hawking was shocking ?

a) Because he was hostile.

b) Because he was still like a photograph.

c) None

Q.8: What was Stephen Hawking’s advice for the disabled people ?

a) They should participate in Olympics for disabled.

b) They should be always happy and positive.

c) They should concentrate on what they are good at.

Q.9: This chapter is taken from the book ‘________________”.

a) A Brief History Of Time

b) Heaven On Wheels

c) None

Q.10: The author spent years trying to learn a ____________.

a) flute

b) Spanish guitar

c) Electric guitar


  1. b
  2. c
  3. c
  4. a
  5. b
  6. a
  7. b
  8. c
  9. b
  10. b

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