Decimal (Word Problems)

Q.1: The train covers a distance of 242.04 km in 6 hours. Find the speed of the train per hour.

Q.2: If the cost of 1 notebook is Rs 4.35. Then find the cost of 9 such notebooks.

Q.3: A tank can hold 50 litres of water. If 20.8 litres of water is used up, how much water is left in the container ?

Q.4: What should be subtracted from 45.15 to get 30.58 ?

Q.5: Lakhan can cycle 7.75 km in one hour. What distance can he cover in 3 hours ?

Q.6: Gopal had Rs 250.25 in his purse. He received Rs 125.75 from Ram. How much money does Gopal have now ?

Q.7: The weight of 23 cement bags is 1167.5 kg. Find the weight of one bag.

Q.8: The cost of 25 chocolates is Rs 138.75. Find the cost of one chocolate.

Q.9: One lap of a racing track in a school was measured to be 420.50 meter. Amir ran 9 laps of the field. Find the total distance covered by him.

Q.10: Ram bought Rs 25.85 worth of sugar. He gave Rs 50 to shopkeeper. How much money will the shopkeeper give back to him ?

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