Ch – 6 Understanding Media

Q.1: ______________ demonstrated, the early version of television – “televisor”, to the Royal Institute in London.

a) Philo Farnsworth

b) John Logie Baird

c) Charles Francis

Q.2: What do you mean by “independent media” ?

a) No one should control the media.

b) No one should tell the media what can or can’t be included.

c) Both

Q.3: A __________ report discusses all points of view of a particular story and then leaves it to the readers to make up their mind.

a) complete

b) partial

c) balanced

Q.4: The cost of advertising depends on the _________ of the channel.

a) staff

b) popularity

c) location

Q.5: Gutenberg printed the first sheet of _________.

a) Bible

b) Ramayan

c) Quran

Q.6: Why is it important that the media provides reliable information ?

a) Because citizens take decision based on those information.

b) Because they are getting advertisements.

c) Because they represent the country.

Q.7: Why is media no longer considered as independent ?

a) Because of increasing number of advertisements.

b) Because of increasing number of media houses.

c) Because of its close links to business.

Q.8: When the government prevents either a news item, or scenes from a movie, or the lyrics of a song from being shared with the larger public, this is referred to as ________________.

a) protests

b) cencorship

c) editing

Q.9: _______________ is a fortnight run by eight Dalit women in Chitrakoot district in Uttar Pradesh.

a) Ladyland

b) Khabar Lahriya

c) Khabar fatafat

Q.10: Journalism underwent a sea-change in 1940s because of _________________.

a) computers

b) fax machines

c) electronic typewriters

Q.11: _______________ has enabled us to think of ourselves as members of a global world.

a) Newpapers

b) Televisions

c) Typewriters

Q.12: Why are advertisements repeated in media ?

a) So that you will buy that product

b) Because they don’t have anything else to show

c) Because it is entertaining

Q.13: Khabar Lahriya is written in _____________ language.

a) Bundeli

b) Sanskrit

c) Awadhi


  1. b
  2. c
  3. c
  4. b
  5. a
  6. a
  7. c
  8. b
  9. b
  10. c
  11. b
  12. a
  13. a

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