Reported Speech Worksheet

Q: Turn the following sentences into Reported Speech:

a) Ram said, “I am unwell”.

b) He said to me, “What are you doing ?”

c) Reena said to her sister, “I don’t believe you”.

d) The secretary said to the reporters, “The President is in the library”.

e) Mohan said, “I passed my examination with the highest score”.

f) Gopal said, “I know her family very well”.

g) “Call the police”, said the lady.

h) Father said, “We are all sinners”.

i) Megha said to Rema, “Will you come with me to the party?”

j) Teacher said, “Don’t forget to bring your permission slips”.

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2 thoughts on “Reported Speech Worksheet

  1. a. Ram said that he was unwell.
    b. He asked me what I was doing.
    c Reena told her sister that she didn’t believe her.
    d. The Secretary told the reporters that the President was in the library.
    e. Mohan said that he had passed his examination with the highest score.
    f. Mohan said that he knew her family very well.
    e. The lady asked them to call the police.
    f. Father said that they were all sinners .
    g. Megha requested Rema if she would come with her to the party .
    h. Teacher reminded the students to not forget to bring their permission slips.

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