Ch – 3 Drainage

Q.1: The elevated area, such as a mountain or an upland, that separates two drainage basins is known as _______________.

a) drainage divide

b) stream divide

c) water divide

Q.2: Which river group has the following features ?

i) They have well-developed deltas.

ii) They perform intense erosional activity in their upper courses.

iii) These rivers are perennial.

a) Himalayan rivers

b) Peninsular rivers

c) Both

Q.3: A ______________ drainage pattern develops on a strongly jointed rocky terrain.

a) radial

b) rectangular

c) trellis

Q.4: According to the regulations of the ____________________, India can use only 20 per cent of the total water carried by Indus river system.

a) Indus Water Treaty, 1960

b) Indus Water Treaty, 1950

c) Indus Water Treaty, 1970

Q.5: Which of the following rivers flood parts of northern plains every year ?

i) The Kosi

ii) The Gandak

iii) The Ghaghara

iv)The Musi

a) i, ii, iv

b) i, ii, iii, iv

c) i, ii, iii

Q.6: The river ____________ makes the second largest waterfall in India.

a) Krishna

b) Kaveri

c) Godavari

Q.7: Most of the fresh water lakes are in the ____________ region.

a) Peninsular

b) Himalayan

c) Western

Q.8: The basin of ___________ river drains parts of Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

a) Kaveri

b) Krishna

c) Narmada

Q.9: The _________ lake in Jammu-Kashmir is the result of tectonic activity.

a) Kolleru

b) Wular

c) Pulicat

Q.10: The ___________ is the largest Peninsular river.

a) Krishna

b) Kaveri

c) Godavari

Q.11: A river alongwith its tributaries is called ______________.

a) drainage system

b) river system

c) tributary system

Q.12: Which of the following features decide the the drainage pattern ?

i) underlying rock structure

ii) number of tributaries

iii) climatic conditions

a) i and iii

b) ii and iii

c) i and ii

Q.13: The headwaters of the Ganga, called the ___________ is fed by the Gangotri glacier and joined by Alaknanda at Devprayag in Uttaranchal.

a) Bhagirathi

b) Dihang

c) Pranhita

Q.14: Which river forms many riverine islands ?

a) Ganga

b) Brahmaputra

c) Tapi

Q.15: The Narmada river rises in ____________ hills in Madhya Pradesh.

a) Amarkantak

b) Shiwalik

c) Satpura


  1. c
  2. a
  3. b
  4. a
  5. c
  6. b
  7. b
  8. a
  9. b
  10. c
  11. b
  12. a
  13. a
  14. b
  15. a

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