Direct & Inverse Proportion Worksheet

Q.1: A worker is paid Rs 2106 for 6 days. How much will he earn for 13 days of work ?

Q.2: Travelling 250 km by rail costs Rs 180. What would be the fare for a journey covering 700 km ?

Q.3: If the weight of 13 sheets of paper is 300 grams, how many sheets of the same paper will weight 4.5 kg ?

Q.4: 7 pipes can fill up a tank in 3.5 hours. How many much time will it take if only 5 types of the same pipes are used ?

Q.5: In a hostel of 50 students, the food procured usually lasts for 28 days. If 15 students leave the hostel, then for how long the food will last ?

Q.6: If 1 kg of sugar contains 5 x 105 crystals. How many sugar crystals are there in 2.3 kg of sugar ?

Q.7: A car takes 3 hours to cover a distance at the speed of 50 km/hr. How much time would it take to cover the same distance at the speed of 100 km/hr ?

Q.8: A pole of 8 m 50 cm casts a shadow of 3 m 40 cm. Then find the length of the shadow cast by the pole of length 12 m 20 cm.

Q.9: A contractor estimates that 5 workers can complete the construction work in 8 days. If one worker falls sick before the construction work even started, then estimate how many days would it take to finish the work ?

Q.10: If chocolates are distributed equally among 30 students, then each will receive 4 chocolates. How many chocolates would each student get if 10 more students join them ?


  1. Rs 4563
  2. Rs 504
  3. 195 sheets
  4. 2.5 hours
  5. 40 days
  6. 11.5 x 105
  7. 1.5 hours
  8. 4 m 88 cm
  9. 10 days
  10. 3 chocolates

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